TapIt Cap


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Change the way you enjoy craft beer! Buying a fresh growler of draft beer from your local brewery can be the high point of any day.  The day after you’ve already poured out a beer can make you question why you purchased it in the first place.

Drinking a growler of good beer should not be a race against time and inebriation. It should be an experience that you control and enjoy at your own pace. Whether you want to save the last half of your first growler of the night or your third, the TapIt Cap ensures that your beer will be ready for you to enjoy the next day or the next month.

Order your own TapIt Cap and make sure you get yours before the first production order sells out! Each order comes with a TapIt Cap, a Co2 dispenser, and a food grade disposable food grade Co2 canister. (Co2 Canisters cannot be shipped internationally)



  • The TapIT Cap fits most 64 and 128 ounce screw top growlers.
  • Each cartridge will last for about 5 growlers with proper use.
  • Cleaning is simple and fast!